Sunday, November 14, 2010

Waiting is the worst part...

After Son2 came to us and asked for help, it was a week before we could get him in to be evaluated, and yet another week before we could get him in to see the addiction doctor and prescribed medication.  During those two weeks, he was trying to finish the semester at college. I foolishly expected him to just "not use" during that time, but I know now, that was impossible.  He was in such a bad place, did not look well, was scared and feeling very low.  I was so afraid something was going to happen... something like overdose, getting arrested, even suicide.  It was a very bad time for all of us.  I could not convince him to quit school and just stay home where we could be with him.  My husband even tried to arrange some counseling on campus, we made countless trips back and forth to the city where he was attending school.  There were so many phone calls, appointments, interviews, etc.

One bright light during this dark time, was Son2's new girlfriend, K.  Why they started dating at this particular time is something I'll never understand, but she was a valuable touchstone for us on campus during this time.  We were talking and texting with them both several times a day. I don't know how, but somehow we all made it through to the day he started his medication and gave up heroin (the first time).

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