Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I am planning for Thanksgiving, grocery shopping, cleaning the house.  I have been thinking a lot about what Thanksgiving means to us.  Two years ago on Thanksgiving, Son2 came to us with his heroin addiction.  So much has happened since then.

  • Today he is clean for 15 months.  
  • Today he is engaged to a wonderful girl who we all adore
  • Today he is a college student who is passing all his classes
  • Today he is a happy and nice person
  • Today he tells me he loves me often
  • Today he attends group recovery sessions once a week
  • Today he attends NA meetings 3 times a week where he speaks freely and helps others
  • Today he is working on the 12 Steps with his NA sponsor
  • Today we can all look ahead with hope
  • Today we are thankful for his strength and all the people he surrounds himself with that are so supportive
I know that addiction is a life long illness, and I know that there are no guarantees.  But today I am hopeful and life is good.


  1. Thank you for joining our support network. I recognize you are in the hopefully optimistic stage; do net get discouraged while you read our blogs. Many of have been down this part of the cycle too many times to count. Maybe your journey will be linear, and I pray that for you and your son2. Heroin is dastardly and hates rejection. It preys on the weaknesses it created in its victims and rarely gives up without tremendous effort. Keep being strong and cherish the happiness of recovery, but never close your eyes to the potential for relapse. THe signs are small and insidious, but like the journey are cyclical and never truly unavoidable. Keep us posted!

  2. This post is such a blessing. I will never give up hope.

    Savor the moments, be aware, make small but beautiful memories. I will be praying that your son continues to heal and progress on his road of recovery. Hugs and prayers!

  3. There is always maintain hope we must continue the work on our own recovery. If we enable we strip away the hope...

    Stay strong all...Happy Thanksgiving ..