Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving is over...

Everyone went home today, kind of a let down.  It was a weird holiday for me.  I couldn't stop thinking about our Thanksgiving two years ago.  Between that and starting this blog, I am realizing that maybe I'm not as ok as I thought.  I thought blogging would give me a chance to give back, maybe be helpful to some other parents.  But, I am finding that I am the one that needs advice and to work on my own recovery.  One of the things I figured out early on is that it is important to educate myself.  I even gave that advice to Son1 in the months following Son2's admission.  I started to do that two years ago, but since everything has been going well, I think I don't need to.  Well, even though things are ok right this minute, I'm thinking that I really don't want to get blindsided again, so maybe I shouldn't ignore this thing.  Yeah, this thing is Addiction, and it is in our lives.

Last winter when my husband was out of town for two weeks, I spent the weekend with Son2 and K at their apartment in the city where they attend college.  I went to an Al Anon meeting with K.  I'm so glad she started going, she has found something that really helps her.  It has been so much more worth while for her than it ever was for me.  I also went to an NA meeting with Son2.  It was an unforgettable experience.  I sat and I listened for two hours.  I was the only guest, and they asked me if I wanted to speak...

"Hi, my name is L-------. My son is an addict."

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