Saturday, July 30, 2011

Husbands will surprise you too

Yesterday I got an email from my husband while at work.  A co worker of his was bragging about not needing all of her pain medication after oral surgery.  H was very concerned about the leftovers, and was explaining to her that she should dispose of them properly so they would not fall into the wrong hands. He emailed to ask me where that drop off location was.

I haven't posted much about my husband.  He has his own way of dealing with our son's addiction and recovery.  He went to one or two Al-anon meetings with me a couple of years ago, will read a link to an interesting article or post if I send it to him.  I have books laying around on addiction and recovery, but I have never seen him even pick one up.

He will always listen when I talk, and will engage in discussion if I ask him what he thinks.  He is supportive to Tony, and has always been a wonderful father.  But,I get the impression he thinks he can get through this by himself, doesn't need any help...

So, just when I'm wondering if he really is listening, or will ever take a stand on this, he does this. He did his own little part to keep a narcotic off the street.  Guess he was paying attention.  :)


  1. I said it before and I'll say it again, blogger needs a LIKE button! Your post made me smile. We married the same man. :)

  2. Hey, give us guys some credit. Just because we behave like a bump on a log doesn't mean we are dead.

  3. Ron, you men deserve a lot of credit. I greatly appreciate the strength and calm of my man! :)

  4. What a great thing to know - that he has been soaking up all the info even though he doesn't show it.

    Ron, thanks for the reminder on the male gender, LOL