Monday, August 15, 2011

Note to self: Momma knows all...

So, just cuz the kid is clean, doesn't mean he's not stupid.

Ok, that was pretty harsh, but I'm still pretty mad.  Yesterday I discovered that Son2, aka Tony, bought himself a gun, of all things. I know he's wanted one for a long time. He's known since a small child, that I detest guns, and that I would never approve.  So, on top of that, he doesn't have that kind of money.  We've been helping him with school, rent, gas, groceries, and he's been chipping in this summer since he's been working part time.  He's not making enough to buy a gun, so he took 2/3 of his savings to buy it. The Savings, that I have been protecting for him... guess that was stupid of me, should have taken it long ago in return for all the cash he stole, wasted tuition for classes he flunked, etc, etc, etc.

He must have forgotten that I still have access to his accounts online, or else he didn't care if I found out, or maybe he thought I wouldn't notice right away, and he would have a chance to tell me.  Regardless, I blasted him with texts when I was very angry, probably shouldn't have done that.  After a few minutes, I texted him that we would talk when I calmed down, I think that will be tomorrow night.

I think we will have to ask him to contribute a set amount every month financially.  I haven't discussed it all through with H, but think there must be consequences of some kind for this.  So, he will have to work, more hours if necessary. And if he can't come up with it, maybe we will have to confiscate the gun or something.  Just thoughts at this point...

And another thing, technically this is a lie... a lie of omission... after I calm down about the gun, then I will get mad about that too.

ok, I'm really mad, but .... it's kind of nice to be mad about something that has nothing to do with drugs, at least I hope it doesn't.  I mean, I'm hoping this is what it is, and doesn't have anything to do with him going off of Suboxone.  It's kind of hard to explain, but I almost think this is a new version of Tony, or is it old Tony, using Tony, or just Tony off of Suboxone?

On a lighter note, the kid can still make me chuckle.  He posted this on his FB wall after my text blast, "Note to self: Momma knows all"


  1. A gun??? What good could possibly come out of him owning a gun?

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  3. To Anonymous: my thoughts exactly. I cannot think of any scenario where this is a good idea.

    Barbara: I know he's wanted a gun for a long time. I'm still pretty upset, like I don't even want to deal with this. I realize, though, that what I need to do is educate myself, and ask questions. These are things that I never, ever wanted to know. I HATE GUNS! I don't want to know, think, touch or have anything to do with them.

    I think he went target shooting today, but I didn't even want to talk to him about it. Guess I need to adjust my attitude a little...

  4. I understand, I really do. Guns are dangerous and even experts can have accidents. For some reason they really appeal to a lot of guys. Keven was young when we started so we took safety classes together and that made me feel much better. He got a higher score on his test than I did...he took it very seriously.

    I respect your hate of guns, I do, I get it. But this is one of those things that is not going to go away...he's gonna keep the damn thing. I'm sharing my perspective in hopes that it will make you feel better. I hate motorcycles so if Keven got one, I'd be feeling the same way you do right now and would want someone that likes them to tell me they are not as evil and dangerous as I think they are.
    Maybe he'll get bored with it once the newness wears off? We can only hope.

  5. Thanks Barbara. I appreciate what you are saying. I think he is being safe, and he has been asking my brother for advice, who is a police officer. I just have to stop being mad for long enough to ask questions. :)