Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pink Mohawk is gone

Son2 sent me a picture message today, of himself WITHOUT the pink mohawk.  And no pink, either.  I was a little surprised he got rid of it so quickly... but I am happy.

I'd like to think something so superficial does not mean anything to me, but I really am glad its gone.  I have to rejoice today... because I don't think I should be quite so happy about it when I see him tomorrow.

I'll see how he's taking it before I get too excited.  Last time he got rid of it (for a job), he actually cried... but I think that was when he was using.


  1. What's wrong with the honest truth.

    We long for our children that find it so easy to lie and hide their emotions behind the drugs, if we want them to be open, honest and accpeting we must model the behavior.

    "Son, you are so handsome today. Said with a smile and a pat......."

  2. yes, you are right of course. I gave him a giant hug and told him how much I like his hair and gave his head a big rub! Then he said how he was so sad that he got a tattoo to make himself feel better. I don't like all his tattoos and he knows that, but at least the first four were all hidden by a t-shirt. This latest one not only is on his fore arm, but is a phrase that includes the word "heroin". I did NOT try to hide my reaction to that! I don't get it... but he tried to explain that it has meaning for him, and is a constant reminder of where he's been.

    He said he told his sponsor, Angel, about it. And Angel just laughed and said, you're gonna want that taken off in about 10 years...

    kids.... (sigh)

  3. My 20 year old son always had a weird look. I don't think he knew if he was heavy metal or a gang banger - piercings all over his face (I cried) then his long beautiful hair shaved bald...he is a heroin addcit but he started dressing funny a long time before that. Then he started at least letting his hair grow a tiny bit so it wasn't shaved and got rid of every piercing even his ears. Oh I was so happy.

    THEN he got so many tattoo's he doesn't know how many. I cried and cried about that too. Then I finally got used to it and he promised he would never do his neck or hands (job reasons) and guess what? He did. And then he wonders why he can't get a job. Then I found out he was on heroin.

    Now on the other side of that, I never did drugs but was creative and had a nose ring and pink or purple hair depending on my mood. I was 24 and went back to normal hair and took the nose ring out. That is what kept me sane when my son was doing the shaved head and piercings...I knew it would change. Sadly when it did he just replaced it with heroin and tattoos!

  4. Well, he just got rid of the mohawk, still has a lip ring which he can remove, now has 5 tattoos, wears mostly black with skinny red plaid pants and combat boots, but...... he's been clean from heroin for 18 months. I'll take it!!