Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stuff happens

Ron's posts often hit me right at home.  Son2 is really experiencing life... and all the problems and day to day "stuff" that we all have to deal with.

He is not doing well in one of his classes. In the past, when this has happened, he basically ignored the issue until it was too late to drop and then ended up failing.  This of course, has damaged his gpa almost beyond repair, but he has avoided getting kicked out, finally got off of probation, and this time, is actually trying to figure out what to do.  He told me the other day he has to figure out if he should drop or if he can salvage his grade by studying like crazy.  hmmmm... sounds like a plan to me.  He actually told me he had to make this decision himself, and act like a human, actually act like a grown up.

The other life lesson, that just happened today, was that he cut his hand in art class today, working on a project, his metals class, I'm guessing.  I've been extremely busy at work, long hours, lots of meetings, etc, etc.  Anyway, when he called, I was going into a meeting and so couldn't answer, but texted him to ask what was up. He was already on his way to health service.  I couldn't really do anything anyway, but we spent the next couple hours texting back and forth, me in several meetings, and him at health service, then HIM calling the insurance company, then to the ER, then to get a stitch and a tetanus shot.  He sure seemed to have it all under control, but I asked for a text pic anyway.  Just one stitch, but the wound did look pretty deep.  So now, he has to spend the next week keeping it dry and not over extending it.  Not easy when he has art project work to finish by the end of the semester.  I told him to do his best.  He told me not to worry, he would do what he had to do.

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  1. No matter where we are it seems we all progres through the same experiences and emotions.