Friday, May 27, 2011


I was going to post that it was my birthday this week, a year older, a year wiser, etc... It was a nice birthday, nice gifts, also my 15 year service anniversary at work, nice recognition for that.

The milestone I really want to mention, is that Son2 got his grades and he got all B's or better.  Ok, so he only ended up with 3 classes this semester, but I can't even think how long it's been since he did this well in school.  I don't even remember him getting grades like this in high school (or maybe I can't remember that far back).  He certainly hasn't worked this hard, truly actually tried to do well, in several years.  This is significant, and I am very proud of him.

He also started his new job, serving at a fancy place where they hold weddings and other events.  He said it was best first day ever.  He even spilled a glass of water and had to totally reset an entire table, and said he didn't even get upset, just asked "just tell me how to fix this" and did it.

He continues to do his step work, he is just starting step 5, please someone remind me what that is.  He has now an additional sponsor, in addition to Angel.  He has asked a family friend of K's, a pastor, to be his spiritual sponsor.  I am glad to hear that.  I respect this man, and I think this will be a good thing.  Son2 also has been working on the first step with his sponsee.  He says he's doing the first step along WITH his sponsee, so he's going through that again too.

He also goes to Group (after care) once a week, and meets with the addiction counselor one on one once in a while too.  He sees the addiction doctor once every couple of months, he continues to wean off of Suboxone.  It's kinda weird, he says it's like having a monthly period.  Every month he gets crabby for a few days after he changes his dose.

I'm not sure how often, but it sounds like he attends NA meetings maybe two or three times a week.

He works hard at his recovery.  It's part of life for him.  He will mostly work his new job on the weekends, so I think he is planning on spending time this summer working with his sponsors and sponsee. He's trying to be more independent, K has not moved back in yet... not sure what's going on there.

It should be an interesting summer...


  1. First of all, happy birthday !! And congratulations and enjoy your sons' milestones...they sound great. :)

    step 5....WOW :)

  2. The road back from addiction isn't an easy road....good for your son!! Sounds like he's fighting the good fight!! All progress is monumental with this disease.
    Praying for your son and all addicts.....kristi

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU! And congrats on 12 years on the job. Sounds like a good week. Of course your son doing well tops everything else. Lets hope and pray he continues down the good path he's on right now.