Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post holiday mood

Dad and Mom posted about the good and bad of the holiday.  Well, that's where I'm at I guess.  It's not all good, it never is.

So, the good was really pretty great.  I had a wonderful Christmas with family that lasted 3 days.  Actually it's not quite over because my sister, Sis,  is coming today.  Had a very nice dinner here Sunday with Son1 and his wife, T, and Son2 and K.  It was so fun, and the gifts were so thoughtful.  A lot of laughter and wonderful moments were had by all.  My kids all together, it was priceless.

The bad is that my grandma went into the hospital Christmas Eve with pneumonia, so she was not able to be with us at my Mom's for Christmas dinner.  Congestive heart failure, eye infection, diabetes, and I don't know what else.  They will send her back to the nursing home probably Thursday, but of course, the pneumonia may be under control, but the rest... well, you know...   I know I am so lucky to still have a grandparent at my age (51).  I mean, how many people my age still have grandparents?  But, I am so used to having her, I guess it kinda seemed she would live forever.  My mom is such a good daughter, she managed to to deal with that and host Christmas as well.  I don't deal with it so well.

So for today, everyone is ok.  I'm ok.  I look forward to seeing Sis.  We will talk and talk and talk.  Talking is good.


  1. It seems like if it wasn't for our addicted children all the rest of the "bad" would be so manageable. But when yoou couple the addicted child with all the normal stuff of living sometimes it is overwhelming.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma :( You are fortunate to have her, and are fortunate to realize what a blessing grandmothers are. I wish her well and that she is able to go "home" tomorrow.
    Enjoy your time with Sis and thanks for sharing the "good" of your holiday too :)
    God bless.