Monday, January 9, 2012

I have to laugh a little

So last week Tony was here, it was the middle of the night and something woke me up. I heard his bedroom door close and figured he couldn't sleep or just plain likes to stay up late. Then I got a whiff of something... Sulfuric... I have smelled this before a couple years back when a certain renter was living next door. My husband and I had always theorized it was meth. But I didn't think of that. Right away I lept to the conclusion that it was Tony. I lay in bed trying to decide how to confront him, feeling sick and sniffing the air to be sure of what I was smelling. I pondered if I should wake up my husband and then I heard something... Voices. At first I thought they were coming from Tony's room or that he was outside, but then I recognized the voices and the banter. Our neighbors and the former renter come to visit. "you suck" "no, you suck" "you really suck" "no, you really suck!" etc, etc, etc. You know the non-rational, inane arguments that drunk/high people have. Of course, Tony was in bed, and if he was still awake, was probably greatly amused. H and I had a good chuckle in the morning, he had heard them too. I couldn't admit what I had been thinking... Sigh... Two more things I have to mention. Tony got his grades, 3 A's and 2 B's. These are the best grades he has ever received. No dropped classes and a full load. He's got to be so proud of himself, I know we are. The other thing is that After Care is ending. He had been going once every couple weeks or so still, but they finally are cutting him loose. I guess it's time, I hate to think he was taking someone's spot who really needs the help. So that's one more thing to leave by the wayside, another safety net to put aside. It makes me uneasy, but then, I'm not the one driving, am I?


  1. Yee ha ! Great news all around. ENJOY. : )

  2. I need some clarification, as I'm completely lost. You smelled what you think is meth after hearing your son's bedroom door close, then you heard a drunk/high conversation and somehow this ends with a laugh? Can someone please connect the dots for me? Are you saying you smelled meth from next door?

    Congratulations on those terrific grades. I hope to be able to report similar results one day.

    My son's only safety net is his sponsor and himself, so I understand your worries. Thankfully, he will always have his HP. :)

  3. Notmyboy, mostly it was a nervous laugh... of relief... and I'm only guessing it was meth, I don't really know what meth smells like. The point is, I jumped to a giant conclusion about my son, and was truly giddy, to realize I was wrong. My neighbors are 50-ish aged men that party like teenagers.

  4. Well now I feel dumb,...I do also need to clarify that I was cheering about the great grades,...nothing else. I dream of such a day. And of course, nothing funny or worth cheering about if someone's doing meth. : (. I was excited for you about his grades & completion of aftercare.

  5. What to cheer about:
    1-great grades
    2-completion of after care
    3-still clean and sober

    Not so much:
    --neighbors are idiots

    Thanks for the feedback, fellow bloggers. That post didn't come off so good.