Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

I have many things to look forward to this coming year...

Hopefully a new job.  I have been job hunting, although not much happening over the holidays.  It's weird being unemployed, but restful.  It's only January, and I am already sick of this winter.  I have been stuck inside a lot, don't want to spend money, and of course I'm not leaving the house for a job.  Did I mention that it's been very cold here?  yeah, like 11 degrees today, and single digits several days over the past week.  We're expecting below zero temps this weekend.  ok, sorry that went from looking for a job to some whining about the winter.

Assuming I start a new job in the next month or so, we want to go back down to Florida yet this winter for a week or so.

Son2 will hopefully be starting a new job next week. That will be so great for them, they really need to get a better car.  He had a car accident with the icy/wintry roads yesterday.  The car was totaled and so now they need to get something to drive before he starts his new job.  His wife, C and their new dog were in the car, I'm just glad no one was hurt.  Life is not easy for those two, but all in all, they are happy and I'm anxious to meet the new puppy.

Son1 and his wife just told us they are expecting, but sshhhhhhhh, it's a secret from the rest of the family for a couple months since she is not very far along.  I am so excited!!!!!

I leave you with this pic, taken on a warm day last week after cross country skiing.  It's been a lot colder since  ;)


  1. That’s an awful way to begin a year. But at least nobody got hurt in the car accident. I hope this year is going be a lot better than the last for all of you. Have a nice day, and remember to drive safely this icy winter!

    Diane Wilson @ Fletcher Chrysler

  2. I'm so glad that nobody sustained any major injuries from that accident. It's terrible that your son encountered an event as frightening as that, but I do hope that he and his family are faring better these days. Also, I would have to give a quiet congratulations to son number one. I'm wishing him and his wife all the best! Thanks for sharing that! Take care! :)

    Modesto Culbertson @ D&Z Law Group

  3. Icy roads have been a cause of road accidents since time immemorial. And since it’s not really very easy to spot at first, so it can be hard to avoid at times. That being said, it’s good to know that no one was badly hurt. I hope that they recovered from that accident soon after. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, and may there be more skiing sessions for you guys. Cheers!

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law